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Video Doorbells

30 million households want to buy a video doorbell this year. Are you ready for the demand?

Add a video doorbell with 2K high-def resolution and clear 2-way voice. Build new RMR while elevating your security business above the competition.

Video clips are securely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time. Powered by the Alula ecosystem, the high-definition cameras pair with security and automation in one smart app. 

Outdoor Bullet Cameras

Expand customer’s security perimeter with Safe Protect Home’s Outdoor Bullet Cameras. Featuring full 1080P HD video, motion detection and 90 feet of night vision, the Outdoor Bullet Camera provides real-time viewing and recorded clips. Plus with Alula’s Smart Security app you can set up notifications that will alert customers when suspicious motion activity is detected.

Security Surveillance Camera

Indoor 360 Camera

The Safe Protect Home Indoor 360 Camera features full 1080P HD video, two-way audio, and 30 feet of night vision to keep customers feeling safe day and night.

It can be used as a stand-alone video surveillance system or as part of a more holistic security and automation system when paired with Safe Protect Home’s Connect+ or BAT-Connect.


  • Hybrid Storage: Instant video clip recall from the Alula cloud with on-board backup.
  • Storage and Access: This is the way your customers want it. Latest video events are always accessible and most recent clips are always retained. Total volume is pooled, not limited to each camera.
  • Multi-Site Control, Single Account: Any camera on the account can be added to a dashboard or group. User level authorization on a per camera basis, controllable in the app