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Enhance Connect+ Panels with Alula’s class-leading wireless sensor. These fast-installing sensors blend into any environment.

From the tiny NanoMax™ Door/Window to the highly reliable CO and Smoke Alarms, these critical customer safeguards allow you to build a total protection envelope. Compatible door sensor also work with leading panels from 2GIG™, DSC™, Interlogix™, and Honeywell™.

Intrusion Sensors

Simple, reliable, and easy to install. Alula’s intrusion sensors are tamper-proof, encrypted, and ultra-reliable. The most complete selection fits most panel brands. With industry-leading range, extended battery life, and a 5-year warranty, including them in your security lineup is an easy decision.

Security Alarm Installation Services -
Security Alarm Installation Services


Security sirens are integral to the entire system, immediately disorienting any dissuading intruders with a piercing dose of dB’s. Alula’s headless architecture is best complemented with an external siren, allowing chimes to be heard throughout the property, while making it even more difficult for intruders to locate the panel.


Grow your business beyond the front door, adding early warning zones on properties with detached buildings. Secure pool and fence gates, cut out blind approaches and create more peace of mind for your customers.

Security Alarm Installation Services

Life Safety

Life safety is a crucial part of any installation, bringing immediate awareness to life-threatening events. These highly reliable alarms are the critical barriers your customers need to ensure a total protection envelope.


Industry-leading range & extended battery lives, encrypted sensors provide tamper proof design and reliable security.

Environmental Sensors