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BAT-Connect Communicator

For Professional Security Dealers and Integrators who want the most versatile communicator on the market, The BAT-Connect communicator, equipped with LTE-M cellular technology and automatic panel detection, allows alarm dealers to complete more installations and offer a modern, smartphone-controlled experience while skipping the next (4G) sunset.

BAT-Fire Communicator

For System Integrators who want a versatile fire communicator, the universal BAT-Fire is equipped with dual Tip & Ring Dial Capture and four programmable inputs/outputs with dual path IP and LTE-M cellular technology, which allows system integrators to save money, maximize install flexibility and skip the 4G cellular sunset.


Connect XT Communicator

1.8-Million homes were secured with Interlogix/GE Simon panels in the last decade. Whether Interlogix was a big part of your business, or you’re looking for a better takeover solution, it’s certain Simon will need a saviour as their 3G radios near a mass timeout.

Make Fast Work of Takeovers

Grow your customer base and modernize legacy systems with our class-leading communicators and translators.

Make fast work of takeovers, and uniquely add video and smart phone controls to outdated systems.

Pro Tip

System Takeovers

With 25 million secured households and a 12% annual attrition rate, there are approximately 250,000 takeover jobs up for grabs each month.