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Best LED-Keypad Services

The new LED-Keypad is the perfect push-button interface exclusively for Connect+. Featuring a brilliant LED arming bar and light-up buttons, the LED Keypad is easy to read and operate. Mount it on the wall or desktop, both bases are included in the package. You can plug it into the wall for power or run on AA batteries for up to one year. The LED-Keypad makes a great disarming device for the backdoor or garage and is a must-have accessory for an entry-level security system-


Simplified controls

Easy enough for any member of the family, young or old.

Installs in Seconds

Easy Bluetooth enrollment in 10 seconds or less with one button press on the Connect+.

Affordably Priced

Makes a great second (or third) control for the garage or backdoor.

Easy to Read

Lit buttons and LED arming bar can be immediately understood from across the room.

Convenient Night Mode

Dim the lights and mute the sound in do not disturb mode.

Fuse Timer For Exits

LED bar shows time tick down before system arms


Wall Dimensions:

3.81in {9.67cm] x 5.1in [12.94cm] x 1.55in [3.94cm] Deep

Table-Top Footprint:

3.81in [9.67cm] x 5.47in [13.89cm] x 3.17in [8.05cm] High


1.0lb [454g]

Pilot Hole for Screw into Wood:

Ø 1/8in [3mm]

Pilot Hole for Wall Anchor:

Ø 3/16in [4.7mm]

Mounting Fasteners:

#6 screws & 2 wall anchors (included)

Device Specification


2.4 GHz

Replacement Battery

4 Panasonic AA (Alkaline)

Nominal Battery Life

1 year (under typical use)

Battery Voltage

6.0 VDC (Nominal), TBD VDC (Low)

Current Draw

TBD (Maximum), 9uA (Quiescent)

Transmitted Indications

Low Battery, Tamper, Supervision


Operating Temperature:

32°F to 120°F [0°C to 49°C]

Maximum Humidity

85% non-condensing relative humidity


No accessories needed. Connect+ has bluetooth built in, power supply included






Wall Plates

Have a large imperfection you need to cover? Our wall plates are great for covering wall blemishes or finish damage caused by prior keypad installations.