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Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Best types of Network Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders

4-Channel NVR (CAM-NVR4-AL)

This 4-channel Network Video Recorders (NVR) is your compact security companion, featuring smart object recognition and HD video support. It ensures round-the-clock protection with motion alerts and night vision, all manageable via Alula’s Smart Security app.

Network Video Recorders

8-Channel NVR (CAM-NVR8-AL)

Expand your security network effortlessly with the 8-channel NVR. It integrates seamlessly with Alula’s Bullet Cameras, offering precision through smart object recognition. Enjoy crisp 1080P video, dependable motion alerts, and night vision for comprehensive surveillance.

Network Video Recorders

16-Channel NVR (CAM-NVR16-AL)

Elevate your security game with the 16-channel Network Video Recorders. Powered by AI-based smart object recognition, it provides crystal-clear 1080P video, reliable motion detection, and night vision. Manage it all conveniently with Alula’s Smart Security app.

Network Video Recorders

32-Channel NVR (CAM-NVR32-AL)

For extensive security coverage, choose the 32-channel NVR. With AI-driven smart object recognition, it guarantees precise identification of people, pets, and vehicles. Enjoy HD video, dependable motion alerts, and night vision, all controllable through Alula’s Smart Security app.