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Every year, every 36 households have a robbery. Because of this, living without worrying about someone breaking in is Impossible, but there are a few things you can do to catch an intruder in your home. Fortunately, advancements in home security and technology are reducing robberies. In most cases, wallets, and money are stolen. Smart homes, police training, Security Surveillance Cameras, sophisticated burglar alarms, and more have made it much more difficult for criminals to get into your home. 

Here are some ways to catch a burglar:

Install CCTV

One of the best ways to catch a burglar is to use a home security system. Without a security system, your home is 300% more likely to be robbed. Security Surveillance Cameras can catch a robber in several ways. 

When properly positioned, it should be able to catch a wandering burglar’s face. When motion is detected, it starts recording so you can see what’s happening on your smartphone and control the camera. Having multiple CCTVs throughout your home means you should always be able to see the video in case of theft. If the police have a robbery video, they have much more evidence to work on, greatly increasing their chances of getting caught.

Set an alarm to indicate that someone is at home. It uses the motion sensor to detect motion and alert authorities. Thanks to a security surveillance camera, you can see someone in your house. 

Alarming Your Property

The Burglar Security Alarm System must be visible from outside the house. If installed in a conspicuous location, thieves can frighten or bully robbers during a robbery to escape. Install door sensors around vulnerable doors and windows to sound an alarm and trigger an external siren when any of these sensor contracts are breached.

A Burglar Security Alarm System should be placed in any room an attacker might want to explore, such as living rooms and bedrooms, especially if valuables are present. Position the motion detector high to provide a wide viewing angle throughout the room.

Neighborhood Watch Schemes

The Neighborhood Watch is a program that fosters a sense of community where people are friendly and active and are less likely to engage in antisocial crime. Participation in this scheme has been shown to deter robbers and can help even in the event of a robbery by allowing strangers to notice and allowing participants to know what is happening in their area. 

Having a neighbor watching you can mean you have a witness account of the robbery. If your neighbors keep a close eye on what’s happening in your area, it can mean that you are a witness to a robbery.

Marking belongings

Marking valuables will identify the item and return it to you and the thief will be caught. You want to tag everything you deem valuable, and you have several options on how to do that. The easiest way is to use a UV pen. They cannot see without ultraviolet light, so the appearance of things does not deteriorate. It’s cheap and doesn’t leave marks on your belongings when exposed to UV light. 

Another way to mark an item is to have the zip code engraved or written down on the surface, making it difficult to sell to robbers so that they are not worth stealing. This permanent mark acts as a deterrent. Things like microdots, chemical labeling, and DNA labeling are much more advanced methods of labeling properties, so they are more expensive but can be very effective.

Get the Smart Lock 

If you have children who often lose their keys or want to automate your home, all you need is a smart lock or bolt. Some smart locks allow you to lock/open the door from your phone, perfect for lonely or forgetful people.

Electronic Tracker 

If your valuables have an electronic tracker, you can find the exact location of the thief. It’s a lot easier than you think. This is particularly effective in finding electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are prime targets for hackers. 

Trackers and detectors come in a variety of sizes, but most are very small and easy to attach to valuables. In most cases, it is well hidden. There are many tracking methods, some using GPS, Bluetooth, or altitude signals, while the one with the longest tracking range is best for deterring theft.

Report all crimes to the police 

The last way to catch a thief is to report all crimes to the police. Many people are hesitant to report any signs of robbery in their homes to the police. They might think that the police can’t do anything after the fact. But this is not true. No matter how trivial the issue may seem, the police can use the information you provide to determine which areas can be targeted or where to increase patrols. 

Although it is unlikely that the police will find a culprit who broke a window or opened a door, reporting this information can help deter future theft in your area.

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